1) Why when placing an order do not ask the shipping address?

To make it easier for you! We specify the address later through the mail, this is done to speed up the work and so that there are no errors with the sending of the order.

2) How can I pay my order?

We accept almost everything) Namely: yandex money, kiwi, webmoney. Pay either online or via card!

3) How do you know what exactly my order is paid for?

After paying us, you drop the mail: a photo of the check about payment (or a payment screen) along with the data and preferably when you pay, specify the order number.

No check? Then say the time and amount of replenishment. We will carefully look at the history, and find out that the payment is from you.

4) How long will the parcel go?

On average, shipping by post in Australia is 5-9 days, in Canberra a day earlier. Lucky you if you live in the capital)

EMS courier is 2-4 days across Australia.

5) How to check that the product is original?

By barcode on the official website of the manufacturer.

6) Can I pay by card?

Even as you can! Even through a business card (ask the administration)

7.) Why are we prepaid?

We do not work through cash on delivery! We work on full prepayment, but we have a serious reputation and hundreds of reviews!

For those who still do not know, the article about cash on delivery.

8) Can I insure my package?

Yes you can! To do this, when ordering, select shipping with a guarantee, then if the Australian Post loses your parcel, we will resend the order to you.

9) I want to get a discount, who to ask?

On account of discounts, contact the site administration. The most effective way to get a good discount is to make a video with the opening of the package and comment on the video. There are examples on the net.

10) Is there a minimum salary?