The latest trend which is quite accurate is personality test with analysis based on the shape of the toes. It is about the shape of your toes and how they line up on the feet. They may offer amazing insight into who we think. Let’s check the forms:


  • Roman toes – this is one of the most common foot shapes, thus the big toe is the longest, and they get shorter gradually as you go down the line. Then are even-keeled and have friendly personalities. They are well-liked and are great in dealing with hard personalities.
  • Fire toes – the second toe is longer than the big toe, and the remaining get smaller gradually. These people are creative, ambitious, and energetic. They love causing mayhem and mischief. These people are quite fun to be around and always have some great plans that other people mysteriously get pulled into without quite remembering how.
  • Square toes – all of the toes are the same length and the big toe is just a bit longer. These are also called the “peasant foot”. Such people are very thoughtful and will turn a decision over a long time before they reach a conclusion. They are very patient, pragmatic, and honest which makes them ideal for helping resolve conflicts and come up with diplomatic solutions.
  • Extra small toes – they are similar to the Roman feet, but the pinky toe is extra tiny. They indicate that you are open and there is a specific aspect of your personality that you are secretive and shy about. This makes you feel protective and it is not something you are willing to talk about.
  • Wide-set toes – it means that the person has a lot of space between the toes all of the time or that they are stretched far apart. This is a traveler’s foot. These people wander and crave for new and exciting experiences all the time. You have trouble keeping the roots at one place, however, this is not that bad, as you are happy like this.
  • Warrior toes – the big toe is long and the other four are almost at the same length. This is a person whose life is party mostly, however, he/she gets fired up quite easily over problems and matters they are passionate about. The will go toe-to-toe with those who oppose their view and will keep arguing, and eventually win.
  • Inclined toes – they have gap between the second and third toe while the second is leaned against the big toe. These people are quiet, peace-keeping, and prefer not to stir the pot. However, some may develop this foot shape with time and this may indicate that they get involved in codependent relationships.
  • Stretched toes – the big toe strays far away from the other four that are clustered together. These people are happy as outsiders and have a fierce independent streak, usually choosing to play the devil’s advocate in any situation for the sake of argument.