In this article we will present you effective cure for dengue fever which is very serious and viral disease. The ingredient is papaya leaf juice and its healthy natural and powerful drink which fight with this condition.




That so may be a terribly relevant question, that should be answered! It’s solely then that you simply are going to be convinced concerning the effectiveness of papaya leaf in beating dengue fever.

Papaya leaves come back full of powerful enzymes like enzyme and chymopapin, that considerably increase the protoplasm count. Excluding that, these leaves have many key vitamins, carbohydrates, protein, phosphoric, metallic element and iron.

PAPAYA LEAF JUICE FOR infectious disease

You will currently examine creating the papaya leaf juice for treating infectious disease. Here the foremost essential facet is that, solely the raw leaf of papaya works because the remedy for the complaint. The subsequent steps can detail that for you:


-a pair of raw leaves of papaya


Take a pair of raw leaves of papaya.

Take away the stems and also the fibrous parts of the leaves

Now squeeze out the juice from the leaves.

Directly consume the juice.

Repeat that for an additional a pair of times within the day to feel the development.



Just like the juice, the paste ready from papaya leaves can facilitate in obtaining obviate infectious disease likewise. Even here, you must use solely the raw leaves.


-3 contemporary raw leaves of papaya

-a pair of tbsp. drink (of your preference)


Take three contemporary raw leaves of papaya.

Process them within the mixer to form a paste.

Combine the paste with a pair of tbsp. of any drink of your selection.

Mix well.

Directly consume the mixture.

Repeat that a pair of times daily, for around seven days.

You will get total relief from dengue fever.


When speaking on easy home remedies, nothing is additional convincing than the particular experiences of individuals. Here, you’ll examine 2 such experiences narrated by a number one doctor of Asian country.

A gentleman’s son was hospitalized with infectious disease wherever, there was Associate in Nursing sinister decline within the count of the blood platelets. It fell right down to 15,000! Even blood transfusions (of fifteen liters) were of no facilitate and also the boy continued to be during a serious condition

Finally, when being suggested by friends, the boy’s father gave raw papaya leaf juice to his son. Simply among twenty-four hours the protoplasm counts exaggerated to135 ,000, a lot of to the astonishment of the medical personnel! The boy was declared to possess been cured and he was allowed to come back home!

A lady in her early thirties developed infectious disease and was hospitalized. when three days, her condition worsened, because the count of the platelets born to 28,000. Even her lungs began to get stuffed with water. The doctors declared that the lady’s system has fight back on its own.

A relative of the patient World Health Organization knew concerning the raw papaya leaf edges gave the juice to the girl. During a matter of twenty- four hours, the protoplasm count went up and also the fever reduced. The juice treatment was continued for three days and she or he was absolutely traditional in few days.