It is normal appearance that one loses daily amount of hair. It’s revitalize again and there is no place to panic. Also in autumn and spring it tends to fall more than usual and to be weaker, brittle and has split ends.However, it is a normal thing, because of its reasons like stress or genetic factors. The good news is that there are many problem solving for this disease.


In this article it will be present to you one of those natural treatments. The idea is to make your own ant hair loss shampoo, made by natural ingredients, and the most important -easy to do and not expensive. For preparation of this effective shampoo you will need three ingredients: essential rosemary oil,essential lemon oil and vitamin E capsules and that’s all! All you need to do is to take these three ingredients, add to your shampoo and wait for results. Here is the recipe for make this shampoo:

-natural shampoo with neutral pH

-ten drops of essential rosemary oil – it is great for reactivating the blood flow and giving your hair strength

-ten of essential lemon oil – It is a great antiseptic and is refreshing

-two vitamin E capsules – It is a basic and ideal component for fighting hair loss


The preparation of thisshampoo is incredibly straightforward and simple. Initial you would like to require 10 drops of rosemary oil and 10 drops lemon oil and add them into your neutral shampoo. Next issue you would like to try and do is add 2 antioxidant capsules of vitamin E. Currently take the shampoo bottle and shake it well and your shampoo is ready!

At this time it’s important for you to understand that you just got to use this hair loss shampoo oftentimes, a minimum of each different day. As for the appliance you would like to understand that you just got to apply this shampoo on wet hair and massage your scalp with it for a minimum of ten minutes. At the moment you would like to go away the shampoo on for one more ten minutes.

Finally you would like to rinse your hair mistreatment heat (not hot) water. And similar to that you just hair treatment is over. This shampoo is very helpful for your hair, as a result of it contains parts which will activate circulation and regenerate the strength of your hair. The results are notable nearly immediately!