All women want their skin to looks same as before the pregnancy. Still the stretch marks are one the most undesirable and common appearance, especially after childbirth. Genes also plays important role in the skin stretches, as well as weight variations.


On the market there are plenty of creams and treatments which goal is to convinced the audience that the stretch marks will disappear. Since there are expensive not everyone can afford it, and they also can have negative results.

There is a noteworthy treatment that won`t price you plenty and at a similar time can assist you abundant. Some girls that had tried out this formula from their own expertise claim that it very works. They aforesaid that though the stretch marks area unit still gift they’re not as visible as before.

You are in all probability questioning what’s it that within the nature which will facilitate most, we have a tendency toll we area unit talking regarding potato juice.

Potato juice contains vitamins and minerals that area unit essential for the skin and that facilitate the skin cells to recover.

The following is what you must do:

Rub the affected space of your skin with potatoes till the skin gets entirely wet. Leave your skin like that till the skin dries on its own. within the finish rinse your skin with cool water which is all.

There is conjointly an alternative choice for this treatment and you’ll be able to pair by applying grinded potatoes on the skin on a daily basis.

You should repeat this treatment on a daily basis if you wish to urge the simplest results. it’s very necessary that you simply area unit patient as a result of the stretch marks area unit scars and that they won`t disappear over the night.