Cancer is the most crude and common disease, and unfortunately in most of the cases incurable.

Still, there arerare cases in which these stories have happy end. One of lucky ones is Ann Cameron, children ‘s books writer, which was diagnosed third stage of colon cancer in 2012.Her experience with this fight for life is very positive,regarding of her success to win the disease. She decides to share her story and to recommend the same natural approach for curing.


After receiving the diagnosing, she underwent surgery to get rid of the cancer and was alleged to receive therapy treatments subsequently. Foiled from her husband’s unsuccessful treatment she set to not eff the least bit, however instead hunted for another technique of treatment.

Her story was written on the Chris beats cancer blog; wherever people provide various steps for healing cancer.

“I was exposed to operation for carcinoma in June 2012, so I denied therapy. I used to be feeling well, but when six months the cancer had unfold to the lungs, and entered the fourth phase” – she aforementioned. Ann aforementioned that she pays her time investigation and located the story of Ralph Core who was twenty-six years previous and had carcinoma. He wrote a story regarding set his cancer with intense two.5 kilograms of carrots juice daily.

She began to drink juice each day with an equivalent daily doses.

After eight weeks she claims that medical check disclosed that the cancer has stopped spreading, the tumors and body fluid glands began to decrease.

After four months everything was back to regular and therefore the tumor was still retreating.

After eight months, a CT scan showed that the cancer was gone.

Unlike another supplements, drinking juice isn’t prohibited throughout typical treatment. juice is utterly compatible with chemo and synchronous radiation. However, Anne set to do simply the juice as a result of she didn’t need to travel through all the side-effects from chemo.

So she had no radiation, no chemo, no different treatments solely carrot consumption.

She says that if you’re in physiological condition once you’re diagnosed with cancer it’s will be done. There’s no damage in suspending chemo or radiation and making an attempt the juice treatment to envision if it’ll stop the proliferation of cancer cells and hopefully fully cure yourself like she did.