The goal to have strong, healthy and rich hair for many is almost impossible, particularly if there aremedical problems that cause hair fall such as phalacrosis or hormonal misbalance. It is also important to mention the one’s customs in hair care which effect on its look and growth.



One side that we tend to should have in thought is that ninety percent you rather than our body consists of water, thus if you suffer from hair loss it can be closely regarding the number of water you consume daily in accordance along with your body mass index (BMI).So, if you would like to prevent your hair loss and stimulate your hair growth then you must consume enough amounts of water daily.Also,please note that the hair growth will be closely regarding the unhealthy habits you have got, thus you want to additionally concentrate to your diet. It means you must eat healthy food,exercise frequently and sleep tightly a minimum of eight hours at midnight and additionally use some natural moisturizing treatments which will assist you to boost your look.
In continuation we present you simple applying mask that will revitalize your hair:
2 tablespoons of malic acid
tablespoon of aperient
1 egg yolk
cup of water

Place in boiling water rosemary and also the let it stand till it’s quiet down so take away the leaves with filter. Then separate the vitellus from the white and add aperient and remaining ingredients and ánally the rosemary water combine all the ingredients well till you get a consistent mixture.

Apply this mixture on your hair once it’s wet, then cowl your head with a flat cap and let it stand a minimum of for twenty minutes so rinse with cold water.And that`s all! Your can begin to grow once the árst treatment and you may be surprised from the results!