Scientists have found some power agents that exist in some essential oils that stop spreading of cancer. It is no longer doubted that cancerous cells close themselves down with help of these oils.

If you are healthy your body varies from 62 to 78 MHz but when some disease begins it is 58Hz. Some studies show that when a man holds a cup of coffee his frequency dropped from 58 MHz in just 3 seconds, it took him 3 days to return to normal. Some other studies show that if you have negative thoughts the frequency lowers to 12 MHz, but on the contrary, positive thoughts increases the frequency to 10 MHz.


Researches found how the most popular essential oils, such as mint, ginger, lemon, grapefruit, jasmine, lavender, chamomile, thyme, rose and cinnamon, can combat cancer. They discovered this by testing antibacterial potency, and in vitro toxicology against human cancer cell lines.

A Calibrated Frequency Monitor (CFM) has been developed by Bruce Tanio, of Tanio Technology and head of the Department of Agriculture at Eastern Washington University. This monitor has been used for measuring frequencies of essential oils and their effect on human frequencies when applied on their bodies. CFM is used in the Essential Oils laboratory and at Johns Hopkins University to study frequency in relationship to disease.

Immunologist Mahmoud Suhail says: “Cancer starts when the DNA code within the cell’s nucleus becomes corrupted”. Some essential oils own a re-set function, that can tell the cell what is the right DNA code.

Must be Therapeutic Grade

The most of the essential oils that are being sold have a poor quality, are produced synthetically and diluted with alcohol or other additives. You must use 100% pure therapeutic grade quality essential oil if you want better effects. If you don’t use a pure one you will not have any health benefits and you must change the combination every week.

A human body has an electrical frequency and person’s health can be determined by it, says Robert O. Becker, M.D., author of the book, The Body Electric. If we could eliminate some outside frequencies that interfere in our bodies we would have much greater resistance toward diseases, said Nikola Tesla. The discovery of Dr. Otto Warburg that human cells have an electrical voltage won a Nobel Prize for cancer research.

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils start at 52 and go as high as 320 MHz! For example: Rose 320 MHz, Helichrysum 181 MHz, Frankincense 147 MHz, Ravensara 134 MHz, Lavender 118 MHz, Myrrh 105 MHz, German Camomile 105 MHz, Juniper 98 MHz, Sandalwood 96 MHz, Angelica 85 MHz, Peppermint 78 MHz.

Many Healing Abilities

Cinnamon, thyme chamomile and jasmine oils can destroy breast cancer cells, 93% of them with chamomile, in vitro. 97% kill rate of the MCF-7 breast cancer cells has the thyme oil.

Chamomile oil can harness powerful antioxidant properties, this is published in a study in the journal Industrial Crops and Products. In the study were found 11 essential oils which have high antioxidant activity, these are: lavender, thyme, winter savory, rosemary, sage, peppermint, French tarragon, butter and sweet fennel, they found Roman chamomile the one with the highest activity.

Frankicense Oil – A Cancer Killer

Suhail says that:“Frankincense separates the ‘brain’ of the cancerous cell – the nucleus – from the ‘body’ – the cytoplasm, and closes down the nucleus to stop it reproducing corrupted DNA codes”.

Frankicense oil contains monoterpenes, compound which can help the destruction of cancerous cells at the beginning of their development. Chemotherapy not only kills he cancer but also kills healthy cells and makes the patient weaker, but the treatment with frankincense eradicates the cancerous cells alone and let the others live.

“There are 17 active agents in frankincense essential oil,” says Dr Suhail

The budwig center has promoted some powerful stories of individuals with cancer and degenerative diseases and their experiences with using essential oils.

Terminal liver cancer

A man in Long Beach had a liver cancer which had progressed so much that the tumors were far too large for any surgical removal. He was left only 6 month of his life. His spouse was introduced to the power of 100 % pure frankincense oil. He started using id daily, by applying it topically over his liver and under his tongue. He continued using this oil as he found on his next visit with his physician that his tumors were shrinking. Few month later, his tumors had shrunk so much that his physician agreed to surgery, and today he is in good health and enjoying his life. The only thing he lost in the surgery was ¾ of his liver, but not his LIFE.

A five year old with brain cancer

Just one drop of frankincense a day, helped a five year old with brain cancer. It was alternated with one drop of sandalwood applied to the bottom of her feet, along with lavender applied to her wrist. The child is now in great condition, and perfect health.

Bladder Cancer

 Jackie Hogan was informed that she would need to have her bladder removed after she was diagnosed a rare bladder cancer. She found out the abilities of frankincense oil in conjunction with sandalwood oil and started using it. Some experts say that frankincense oil is so effective that could represent a candidate on a growing list of natural compounds selectively eradicating cancer cells.

Lung Stage 4 – metastasis to bones, spine, ribs, hips, pelvis

Bebe’s mom was being told that she would die from her stage 4, malignant tumors in her lungs, spread to her spine, her bones, ribs, shoulders hips and pelvis. After 4 months of using the essential oils her diseased cells were rapidly dying. Only after 7 months she was completely healthy, she started gardening and planning to go on vacation. She recommends that frankincense should be taken every 2-3 hours, both topically over affected areas and the bottom of the feet. Also you may put numerous drops under the tongue.

Bone Marrow Degeneration

These oils helped Ellen with her bone marrow degeneration and polyscithemiarubravera. Only after three months the tests showed massive improvements placing most markers into the normal range. She did not have to do 2 of the last 3 phlebotomies that she was having every 2 weeks. She recommends these oils, and tells everyone to have faith that they will work because they does.

Breast Cancer

She used frankincense and lemongrass to shrink her breast tumor. She put them on her breast every day. After her 6 month check up everything seemed great. She had no more cancer. She should have taken a surgery, but they couldn’t find any trace of cancer. She was very surprised because she did not have any other treatments, such as chemo or radiation.

Cervical Cancer

A girl’s cervical cancer came back for the 2nd time and was scheduled to have her uterus removed. After she had the diagnose, she started using wintergreen and frankincense. She applied the mixture on the bottoms of feet every 3 to 4 hours for the pain, and also on her abdomen. Less than a month after starting the use of the oils, she went to see her doctor for the surgery, and he couldn’t find any trace of cancer.


A child with a second reoccurrence of leukemia started using the essential oils. After Taking the oils and chemo at the same time he went into remission much quicker than the doctor had advised. He did not have any side effects.


A man had throat degeneration that was spreading to other areas of his body. He started using the oils last October. After the use of Frankincese and some natural remedies he went from an MRI and was given a true miracle.


A man had pancreatic degeneration and was given 3-4 weeks to live. He used the oils for 8 months after telling that he was in great condition. He used 3 drops frankincense, 1 drop lemongrass, lavender, peppermint, sandalwood and natural remedies.


A man had a battle with prostate cancer. He was using the essential oils the last 3-4 months. Today after seeing the doctor, he was totally clear.

Basal Cell

A ma had Basal cell growths on his nose. A doctor wanted to remove a big section of the nostril, down to his upper lip and over a finger width into his cheek. He started using the essential oils, eliminated sugar from his nutrition, increased water intake ate more raw foods. Within a couple weeks the weeping stopped completely and the redness around the area started lightening. After six weeks his nose looked completely clear.


A woman was told by her doctor that she had a form of skin degeneration, basil cell cancer. It was found over her eye, a horrible growth. After a terrible experience she started reading about the essential oils use for skin cancer. She took a bottle of Frankincense and applied it topically 3 times a day, and 2 drops under her tongue every morning and night. After 2 weeks she noticed That the growth was getting smaller. During the third week it started to ooze more but it was still getting smaller. After Five weeks it was much smaller. After six weeks the huge spot was reduced to the size of a pin head all thanks to the essential oil –Frankincense.


A woman had a mole and with the use of frankincense it disappeared. In only 3 days the mole had shrunk, in 5 days it bled a little and half fell off, and by the seventh day it disappeared. Her husband had a stage 4 malignant melanoma removed the year before from his back but another came up on his nose. They used to do radiation but no more. Her husband now is using lavender, frankincense and Immortelle on the melanoma an it is getting smaller.