I bet there is no one who wants to wake up early in the morning when they hear the sound of the boring and noisy alarm. Our minds work in a special way that we think staying in a bed for a couple of minutes will make it all better and we will get more sleep , and that is all fine until it is time to put your feet on the ground . There are many cases where the problem start in this phase.


Feet Bath which reverse feet pain quickly

Most people may feel pain in their feet once they get out of bed. Sometimes it can be an intense pain in the heel, something like a throb concentrated in the toes or a dull pain in the foot’s arch.

Pain in the foot in some cases can be caused because of the switch from warm boots to spring shoes or with sandals. Sometimes people who experience this pain have to perform foot stretching every morning because of the seriousness of the problem and it does not even help always just provides relief so they could go on with the activities for the day.

There is one natural remedy that your granny might have told you about way long ago but you did not believed it worked or you did not had this problem then . Well now is the right time to try this apple cider vinegar and Epsom salt mixture.

The Foot Bath Recipe


Two cups of apple cider vinegar

½ gallon of nearly hot water

½ cup of Epsom salt.


Make a mixture from all the ingredients in a tub or large bowl and place your feet in it .Keep them soaked until the water gets cold. Repeat the procedure at least once in seven days.


Here are some facts about both of them and how they help you with the pain:


Hot Water

Hot water is used for centuries as a natural remedy for numerous health issues. Many nations used hot springs to heal certain health problems like tuberculosis and arthritis even though chances to cure any of these are small. They used the hot water to ease the tension in the muscles and relief pressure and stress that they create directly to the bones.

Do not use water that is above your body temperature, because if it is very hot your blood pressure get higher and challenge your heart work.

For the best results during your feet are soaked in the water do some feet stretches and toe curls.

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is essential mineral which relaxes you, aids the process of detoxification and aids your body to get the most from calcium absorbed through food. Since Epsom salts are packed with magnesium and are rich in sulfates, finding the right balance between them will provide your body some amazing health benefits such as:

Lowering blood clots and stabilizing blood pressure.

Increased bodily ability to utilize insulin, lowering the chances of developing diabetes and easing the symptoms of diabetes.

Eliminating chemicals, heavy metals and toxins from all the cells

Elimination of stress. High amount of adrenaline and stress is associated with magnesium depletion

Eased inflammation, muscle cramps and pain.

Apple Cider Vinegar

The best natural moisturizer which eliminates odor linker to feet and provides anti-fungal effects. Apple cider vinegar has the power to make your feet softer and heal cracked and damaged skin