This amazing homemade natural drink has helped a lot of people boost their immunity and overcome serious diseases.


What’s the secret?

The healthy natural drink contains sprouts and wheat leaves without any chemical additives, artificial flavors, preservatives or added sugars. The wheat leaves hold the secret – they possess extraordinary healing abilities thanks to their chlorophyll content. Wheat leaves will enrich your blood and oxygen and prevent cancer cells from multiplying and spreading. The healing abilities of wheat leaves won Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg the Nobel Prize in 1931.

The drink contains more than 300 enzymes including some rare ones that are in our body when we are born, but disappear during our lifetime. These lost enzymes remain in small amounts in our liver, and can be regained with this amazing drink. They will strengthen your immune system and destroy cancer cells thanks to the wheat leaves’ vitamin B17 content. It’s important to know that this drink works best when taken fresh or frozen.

Freeze the drink after making it, and put some ice cubes of it into a glass of water. Drink this right after the ice cubes are melt every morning on an empty stomach. For the best results, drink this remedy every day for a month to boost your immune system and your overall health.

Melt ovarian and kidney cysts with this homemade drink

Find some young and green wheat leaves, grind them and squeeze the juice out. Pour the juice in an ice cube mold and leave it to freeze. If you want the full treatment, make 72 ice cubes so you can have enough for the whole month. In the morning, put one ice cube of the mixture in a glass of water and drink it right after the cube has melted.

Common wheat is rich in various amino-acids, vitamins and minerals. This drink works for other organs in the body as well. Wait until the wheat is 6 inches grown before you collect it and remember, the drink works best when fresh or frozen.