If you do not remember the last time I slept like a baby every two or three have a bad night’s sleep and can not sleep well, in this article we explain a simple recipe to end this problem.

Many people do not give enough importance of sleep and the hours needed, but as demonstrated, a good night’s sleep benefits the body in many ways besides being necessary.

A good night’s sleep means sleep for about 8 hours every day and there are a number of tips and tricks to sleep such as taking a bath before sleeping or use of items such as salt lamps Himalaya among others.ache

A good remedy to sleep well at night is using certain essential oils.

We offer a recipe using essential oils to sleep and rest well at night.

This recipe contains essential oil of chamomile, which is an herb that has a calming effect and a powerful sleep aid, lavender essential oil also has calming effects and magnesium oil, also effective to induce sleep.

This recipe is to prepare a spray, with all three ingredients to be used on the feet, and the feet absorb both magnesium and oils well in order to benefit from the properties, besides being connected to the rest of the body .


120 ml of magnesium oil.

10 drops of lavender essential oil.

10 drops of essential oil of Roman chamomile.


Put ingredients in a spray bottle glass, close and shake gently to mix the ingredients.

Spray the mixture on the soles of the feet before bedtime.

Have a nice rest!