Dr. Victor Vostok, phytotherapeutic, in the show for natural treatment of the Russian television has discovered the recipe for preparing the Tibetan tea which regenerates the cells in the body, maintaince the youth and maintains the overall health of the man:

“Twenty years ago … I have studied in the monasteries in Tibet. I lived there in Mongolia, India, Nepal, Laos … I know the secrets of Tibetan medicine …”


This is the recipe which prolongs the life and maintains youth:


  • 100 g chamomile
  • 100 g St John’s wort
  • 100 g (Gnaphaliumuliginosum)
  • 100 g of birch buds
  • 100 g of wild strawberry leaf


Mix all herbs well. Pour half a liter of boiling water over two tablespoons of the herbs which was previously mixed. Place the mixture in a thermos and leave for 5-6 hours.

After the elapsed time, strain the tea.


Drink one cup from the tea twice a day before eating. Drink the tea for about 20 days and take a break of one month.

According to Dr. Vostok, the herbs are carefully selected, and their combination is very beneficial for the treatment of many diseases, and also for prolonging life and maintenance of youth.